a collective of independent
small producers


Reciprocity Wines is based on mutual benefit 

Conceived in 2019, we had ambitious ideas to create a solutions-based concept to support the future of the wine industry, which we believe lies within the passion and innovation of independent small wine producers. By merging our ideas, dedication, and experience, we brought Reciprocity Wines to fruition in 2020.

First and foremost, we believe that we can do more by working together than any one of us can do alone

Reciprocity Wines builds on the concept that true success comes through cooperation, collaboration, and creativity: by partnering with independent small producers and promoting and showcasing them as a group, our goal is to expose them to a wider audience; by curating only the highest quality wines, we seek to become a trusted customer resource; by telling friends and fellow wine lovers about Reciprocity Wines and the hidden gems you find, you literally and figuratively  share the wealth.

Reciprocity Wines provides a platform where discoveries happen and connections are made

With our combined 20+ years in the wine industry working with small and boutique wineries, we know first-hand how challenging it is for these wineries to get their products in front of the right consumers. Being exploratory oenophiles ourselves, we have frequently experienced the frustration of discovering a new small producer and then not finding a way to obtain their wines outside of signing up for a waiting list or an allocation or having to pay full price for shipping on the single bottle we are so eager to try. Reciprocity Wines provides a solution. In addition, we are happy to make personal introductions between our customers and winery partners as well as offering concierge services fro those planning winery visits. 


Responding to a positive action with another positive action

One of the most unique aspects of the wine industry and independent  small producers in particular is their willingness to help their so-called competitors, whether during prosperous times or difficult, mutual aid is practically ubiquitous. As we developed this retail concept and began to conceive of a name it became obvious: the vintner relationships we admired, the idea of working together to achieve a common goal, helping customers make more educated choices, and sharing one’s latest discoveries with friends and wine drinking family – it is all about reciprocity. By becoming a part of our community you support these spirited independent winemakers and benefit from easy, affordable access to the beautifully delicious wines they make.

AnnMarie Miller of Reciprocity Wines - supporting the future of the wine industry


A Chicago native who moved to Sonoma in 1995 by happenstance, I similarly found my way into the wine industry in 2013 unintentionally.

After almost 15 years in various management roles in Sonoma’s Wine Country hospitality industry, I was always aware of wine’s allure, but did not expect myself to be so joyfully pulled in by both feet. It didn’t take long before the excitement of others in the industry, the direct connection to the natural world, and the art of working with nature’s provocations made me intentionally take a deep dive.

Working with respected vintners and seeing first hand the challenges faced by all independent small producers, I enrolled in the Sonoma State University’s Wine EMBA program and graduated in 2016 with the intention of contributing my skills specifically to their success.

My lifelong dedication to independent businesses pairs beautifully with an industry made up of people who focus on doing what they love; making really good wine driven by passion not profit.

A genuine introvert content to focus on inner workings while my more outgoing business partner focuses on her passion for connections (another great pairing!), I spend my personal time hiking with my dog, snuggling with my two cats, and living the dream with my life partner while laughing and playing in the garden with our 5 Indian Runner ducks.

Amanda Carder of Reciprocity Wines - supporting the future of the wine industry


As the daughter of a grape grower and vintner and spending many harvests in a vineyard and working a crushpad, I grew-up immersed in the wine industry.

While I have experience and appreciation for the production side of winemaking, my passion lies in the human connection aspect of this industry. I love to get amazing wines into the hands of wine lovers who understand just how special small production wines from people with real stories are.

I have been on the sales and marketing side of the wine industry for over 15 years. Having worked at many different wineries in the Napa Valley, starting as a part-time wine educator and working my way up to Tasting Room Manager, to Estate Manager and finally as an Independent Consultant focusing on brand development and sales strategies for a multitude of boutique brands. While my focus has been primarily on direct to consumer sales, I also spent a few years in the distribution market for several brands.

I have lived, worked and played in Napa for over 25 years and I have to say there is no place like it.

I have two incredible teenagers that I am raising with an appreciation of how special this area and industry is along with teaching them to see the beauty in the journey and to always follow their passions.

Amanda Carder and AnnMarie Miller of Reciprocity Wines
Amanda Carder and AnnMarie Miller of Reciprocity Wines
Amanda Carder and AnnMarie Miller of Reciprocity Wines